Dear website visitor!

We greet you with love on our new website! Hunting friend’s welcome for our old hunting guests from hungary and from other countries as well. We also greet our prospective hunting guests, Who will join us for a very comfortable and succesful hunting after visiting this website.

Our company doing this hunting business for more than 50 years on this 10.277,5 hectare territory. The number of members in our hunting company is reached the 65 persons in the last years. After the last 10 years of hunting cycle our company succesfuly extended it’s hunting contract with the land owners for more 20 years. The territory is operated by 1 hunting master and 3 profesional hunters. After visiting our website we hope that, a lot of new customer will get spirit for a hunting expirience in Hungary and in Somogy County, for a big game hunt. We believe that, on this beautyful „Somogyi” counryside you will get a hunting expirience which is containing very good, home made meal in hungarian style and a very good guest service. We are sure it will call you back in the upcoming years!


We are looking forward to requests for quotations.

With Hunting Friend’s greetings:

Attila Talián
Hunting Company President- CEO